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Why Fourteen Companies?

Just like our agents, each company has unique advantages that help it perform best in particular market segments. We partner with fourteen of the top final expense companies to connect you to the plan that works best for you and your clients. 

A few niches our companies thrive in:

Issue Ages From 0-89
No MIB, No RX Check, No APS
Accept Direct Express (Social Security Debit Card)
Relevant Sales Training
Lead Programs Available
Daily Commission Advancing
Non-Tobacco Rates for Smokeless Tobacco Users
No POS Interview
Phone Interviews With Immediate Underwriting Decision
Paperless Application With Electronic Signature
Recurring Credit Card Payment Method - monthly, quarterly, semi annual, annual

Free $5,000 Death Benefit on all Children and Grandchildren

Give us a call if you have any questions about what company will work best for you.

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Connect with the Best - Final Expense Brokerage
Connect with the Best
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